About Fiona

Fiona Coulby is an erotica author that writes delicious little stories that are equal parts filth and romance. She often defaults to laid-back sci-fi and fantasy settings because she is of the staunch opinion that every story can be improved by the judicious addition of robots, magic or an odd mixture of both.

There is nothing she loves more than writing about people in sticky situations of their own making. Her stories combine slow-building, charcter-focused tension with intense climaxes and satisfying conclusions that will leave you craving more.

She published her first smutty story, Devoured, in January of 2014, and has since continued to keep the fun filth flowing. By day, she writes. By night, she writes some more. Somewhere in between all that writing, she hand-crafts her own ebooks, watches metric tons of Korean drama, and laments the fate of her empire in Civilization 5.