Dominated by Strangers — $2.99

Evie has always wanted to be taken by more than one man at once, and the high-tech simulation she signs up for promises exactly that. Will the twisted nature of her chosen scenario end up being too much to handle, or will she find that her taste for depravity runs deeper than she thought?

Warning: this short, erotic 9,000-word story contains rough sex with multiple partners, bdsm roleplay, and werewolf knotting sex. It is suitable only for adults. Interested?

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Shivering, I made my choices and clicked ‘send’, trying not to think too hard about whether even a setting of ‘KNOTTING: MILD’ would prove to be too intense for me to bear.

A loud clatter shook me out of my thoughts, drawing my attention back towards Jenkins, who had shed his belt and was now working on his trouser buttons. I almost couldn’t bear to watch as he revealed his thick, meaty cock, pulling it free of the confines of his wrinkled cotton boxers. Sure enough, there was a noticeable swelling at the base, a smooth, round knot that had me squirming at the thought of being forced to take in his whole length.

“Turn over,” Jenkins growled. When I hesitated, he took a few rapid steps forward and put his large, hot hands on my trembling wrists. “You’ll be much more sore if you take it on your back, believe me.”

I didn’t know whether to believe him or not, but his insistent grip left me no choice. Ignoring my hesitant attempt to resist him, he pulled me up and out of the chair, only letting go of me when I’d found my footing. Then he moved past me, heading toward the control panel beside the chair and tapping in a quick series of commands.

While the chair reconfigured itself to accommodate the kneeling position he evidently wanted me to take, Jenkins continued to undress, stripping off the rest of his uniform with precise, controlled movements, then folding each part of it and setting it down in a pile on the small table behind my chair. He didn’t appear to be paying my naked, shivering form any attention at all, except when I took a careful step toward the shower.

“Don’t bother,” he said, then, giving me a quelling look. “It’ll be a waste of water to do it now.”

“I thought I was supposed to be cleaned for officers,” I muttered, feeling silly for wanting to try for some semblance of conversation. With my last partner, there had been handy prompts ready for me to use, and as corny and ridiculous as they’d been, they had given me something to work with. With this man, my HUD offered nothing, and it made me feel exposed. “I was just trying to be helpful.”

“Right,” Jenkins said, giving me a pointed once-over. “Helpful.” By then, he was just as naked as I was, his skin a rich, creamy brown that was marred in places by cruel scars and dark, intricate tattoos. His stance was the polar opposite of mine: tense, but projecting such utter confidence that it was almost a little annoying. “Sucking my dick would be a lot more helpful right now.”

That, his hungry gaze said, or getting back into the chair and letting him ride me.

Flushing, I took a guilty look at his thick, hard cock. While there was a certain appeal to the idea of kneeling down and taking in his massive cock into my slick, aching cunt immediately, I was much too eager to taste him in my mouth first. I wanted to touch his knot, wanted to see what that tight, strained skin felt like beneath my fingers. I yearned to suck on that round, swollen bump, if only just to see whether licking him there made his breath catch.

Slowly, I dropped to my knees.

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