Shared With His Friends — $2.99

When Alice’s sexy boyfriend suggests that they embark on a night of unrestrained debauchery with his two best friends, she almost turns him down, fearing that she’ll enjoy the frantic action a little too much.

Will she give in to her taboo desire to take on all three men at once, and how will her boyfriend react when she loses all control?

Warning: this 8,000-word story contains rough foursome sex, light bondage and double penetration. It is suitable only for mature audiences. Want a sample?

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Jun moved around me, his fingers trailing down my arm, then closing around my slightly shaking hand. I followed him automatically, matching his slow, steady walk, hearing the door whirr shut behind us as if it was coming from very far away.

“Jesus,” Ollie said again, and this time, I was close enough to see that he couldn’t sit still, and that his hands were shaking too. “You really did dose up early, didn’t you, Alice?”

“More than that,” Jun said. “We had a test run last night.”

Rakim whistled. “Wish we’d thought of that,” he said, coming around to flank me on the right. His chest was bare now, his honey-brown skin much smoother than I’d have ever suspected. He’d never seemed to me like the sort of man who was hardcore into depilation. “How’d it go? How did it feel?”

I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t look him in the eye, either; the drug was kicking in, making me feel prickly and hot all over, like even my relatively loose, lightweight maxi dress was too tight.

“You’re looking at it right now,” Jun said. “Ollie, you dose up and cut the lights; I think someone really, really needs to be tied up.” He put his mouth to my ear and bit down gently, and I found myself swooning into his arms like a heroine in a bad novel. “What do you want, Alice?”

I felt more than saw the lights dim around us. I knew what I wanted, but as ever, the thought of saying the words was too much. And it didn’t matter anyway; Jun’s hands were stroking down over my breasts, and I could feel his hard cock against my hip, and things were going to happen even if I didn’t ask for them.

Then, just as I mustered the courage to reach down and touch him, his hand covered mine, stopping me. “We went over this last night,” he said, firmly. “If you don’t ask…”

“Liar,” I said, trying to twist my hand free. “You can’t hold out. You never do.”

“You’re not the only one with what I want,” he said, stepping away. “Now, Ollie.”

I only smiled as Rakim took hold of my shoulders, and Ollie materialized between me and Jun. After all, my fuzzy reasoning went, Rakim was hard now too, and as focused as Jun could be when he was denying me something, I doubted it’d last all night. Hell, he’d already closed his eyes, and Ollie was only jerking him off, working his dark hand over Jun’s reddened prick with a familiarity that made me jealous.

And, sure enough, Rakim was pushing me down onto the bed, holding my wrists more tightly than he really needed to if all he was going to do was restrain me. “Stop it,” he said, his voice rough with lust. “Fucking stay still.”

I hadn’t even realized I was moving against him. “What are you going to do if I don’t?”

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